Light Up Your Talk!

Join us for Light Up Your Talk

a 3 day Speakers’ Immersion that connects!


Asheville, NC

Sept 29th – Oct 1st, 2017    8:30am-6:30pm

Our 3 participant limit is designed for meaningful engagement and expanded opportunities for personal attention


Join this select community of speakers to create a more powerful you grounded in clarity and impactful speaking skills.

Light Up Your Talk: Support for Your Speaking Success

3 Day Speakers’ Immersion


Connect yourself, your audience and your message for the greatest impact.


Simplify and demystify the process of designing and delivering your talk.


Designed for anyone who needs to speak in public – both novice presenters and professional speakers.

Move quickly towards your speaking goals through the synergy of one-on-one support and small group interactions

Embody your Beliefs


Speak with Authenticity and Purpose


Express your Core Message with Clarity and Ease


Hit the Speaker’s Mark…


Deliver Unforgettable Talks!

Invest in yourself.

In this powerful experience, Donna Donnelly will create her special form of alchemy – creating unique conditions that allow you to:

Learn that speaking your truth is already part of who you are, whether you know it or not.  

Access the deep wisdom within you, discovering uniquely personal messages produced by your life-long experiences.

What you will gain from this experience:


A talk that uniquely expresses your key message


Ability to move beyond memorizing your content


Confidence and ease in delivering your talk


Use of the “best words” – not the “most words”


Clarity of intent, structure, style and delivery


Proven ways to connect with and move your audience


Expansion of your gifts and development of your skills


Ability to deliver unforgettable talks for your podcasts, business presentations or keynote


Paradigm shifts around yourself and your audience


Connection and shared experiences with your fellow speakers


A solid foundation for creating even more impactful talks!


Your speaking success is our success!

Enroll now for $1500 USD

What’s included:


Pre-call with Donna

Initial check in to clarify your needs


During the Speaker Immersion:

3 Days of intense work and serious fun!

High expectations and boundless benefits


Follow up access to Donna:

2 support calls within 2 months

1 practice Zoom/Skype call within 1 month

1 check-in call before your next speaking gig

Priority Access to Donna for additional coaching services

An Invitation from Donna Donnelly

This is not just another speaker bootcamp that “whips you into shape” – this is about you and your desire to deliver your heart’s message to the audience waiting to hear it – and make a difference that ripples beyond your listeners.

I urge to you to give yourself the time and resources offered over these 3 days to fully immerse yourself in preparing and practicing your talk, with support and personal coaching, in an intimate setting that will bring out the best you have to offer.

Light Up Your Talk is the most powerful experience I have ever created – 3 days focused on you and your needs in a setting designed to support you every step of the way.

The demand for great speakers who can deliver with authenticity, brevity, clarity, and zest is at an all time high.  In this 3 Day Speakers’ Immersion we move way beyond teaching the abc’s of speaking to providing guidance for expressing the authentic you behind your message and to discover the powerful voice needed to deliver this wisdom to others.  This will be a life changing event!

Light Up Your Talk will light a fire in you and spark new insights for both content and delivery.  You will have the time to focus and hone your talk – but don’t expect days of drudgery! I firmly believe that the ability to lighten up and laugh is key to exponential learning and change.

I’m also a firm believer in using the latest science and technologies for greater impact.  Everything neuroscience is telling us supports the theory that our beliefs produce our thoughts, which lead to action.  Telling your story to another causes their brain to align with yours.  Our brains are social organs designed to connect and to form meaning from the words of others.  Let’s make the most of our basic human needs!

Believe and live the truth that your words can magically create an energetic connection between you and your listeners that will expand all of your possibilities.

Your audience wants to hear you.  Make your message crystal clear so that your reach is expanded.

Are you ready for this?  Ready to become the speaker you have dreamed you can be?  I suspect you already know the answer.

The first element of Light Up Your Talk is called “Jump Right In.” You will bask in a safe, supportive environment to find your core message and speak your first piece before noon. I’m so looking forward to meeting you and sharing in your experience.

Join me and let’s go for it!

Donna Donnelly

5 Key Elements to your success in Light Up Your Talk


Jump Right In

From the very first day, you will bask in a safe, supportive environment to find your core message and speak your first piece

Hook Your Audience

You will explore the nexus between speaker and audience through experiential activities designed to guide your expanding abilities

Self-Conscious to Self-Confident

You will identify your personal power through authenticity and awareness

Individual Coaching for Powerful Speaking

You will receive targeted personal support to hone the elements essential for an unforgettable talk

Presentation Ready!

You will strut your stuff from Dress Rehearsal to Final Presentation with ease, confidence and the knowledge that your message matters.

This 3 Day Speakers’ Immersion is intentionally designed to shift you as a speaker into the light of a bright new paradigm – authentic, wise, powerful, with infinite possibilities!


We provide guidance and mentorship on your content, your speaking style and mastery of your delivery.

Each day, you’ll benefit from:


Spot-on guidance and one-on-one coaching


Momentum as you move from idea to finished talk to successful delivery


Targeted exercises as you access your inner wisdom


Techniques for recognizing and maximizing your strengths


Bountiful opportunities to speak in front of others and the camera


Time for performance reviews, editing for clarity and focus


Preparation techniques designed to get you Delivery Ready


Inventive use of story and metaphor to grab your listeners by the ears


“Word Weight” diet tips that lead to a clear message


Challenging questions and tough guidance to get you over the finish line!

On your Speaker’s Journey…



What do you need to Learn right now?



What do you need to let go of?



How far are you willing to go?



You are ready.  Let’s begin…

You have a responsibility to get your message out into the world!


We are here to help you make that a reality – if you’ll bring:


Full commitment to improving your speaking skills


Passion for and knowledge about your subject


Belief in the ripple effect of your message


Genuine respect and sincere regard for your audience


Openness to trying on new techniques and approaches


Willingness to be vulnerable as you share your journey with others



This is an immersive experience – come prepared physically and mentally to embrace the hard work and have some serious fun!


Light Up Your Talk will ignite your speaking abilities.


You will be transformed as you access deeper understanding of your unique self.



Get ready for authentic connection with your audience.



You are always living the story of your life.  Mine the riches of these experiences to propel your message.



 The time to act is now.  Join us for our next 3 day Speaker Immersion.



We are going to have some serious fun!



Enroll now for $1500 USD

Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot.


Seek the path that demands your whole being.



~ Rumi