Donna’s sole purpose as a speakers’ coach and facilitator is to help you fuel extraordinary enthusiasm for your work and gain fresh insights into yourself. She’ll help you get the results you need to thrive, remain competitive and expand your speaking choices. It’s intense work involving a lot of practice and commitment to your core message. When you can effectively communicate you can make a big difference in this world of ours.

As a professional speaker and coach for over 20 years, Donna’s refreshing blend of experience, collaborative spirit and common sense approach makes an enormous difference to our clients.

As the Lead Speaker Coach for TEDx, she excels at helping speakers gain authenticity, brevity, clarity and impact in targeted talks that focus on one “idea worth spreading.”

Work with Donna on a short-term or on-going basis, and your perceptions will shift.  

Over and over, our clients tell us that working with Donna has led to surprising outcomes in their lives.

Donna is committed to:

  • an unforgettable approach to experiential learning, combining content and process for maximum Wow! 
  • incorporating the science of learning and use of neuroplasticity to rewire your circuits 
  • balancing loving encouragement and firm pushes towards your goals 
  • bringing more light and light-heartedness to all relationships and interactions with others