TEDxTryon 2017 Speaker Jenna Kanell speaks about her experience with Lead Speaker Coach Donna Donnelly

TEDxTryon 2016 Speaker Ann Herrmann-Nehdi speaks about her experience with Lead Speaker Coach Donna Donnelly

More feedback from satisfied speakers…


Donna, that amazing Donna – such a caring and giving soul she is. I could not ask for a more gifted coach and mentor-in-truth, she is a real whiz! With her lovely soft touch, treating you with respect like a peer, she was there to help – with just the right words to allay any fear. Donna’s knowledge of learning made her the best coach ever. She could give you tips, pointers and ideas – always so thoughtful and clever. Donna my thanks and admiration go to you for a fantastic TEDx — let me just state. Your many hours, emails, doodles and hugs really paid off – you made us all look so great!!! Much love and thanks, – Ann


I would like to thank you Donna for being one of the main vehicles to helping me become a better person than I’ve ever been through this talk. You have truly inspired my life forever and that, my friend, is priceless.  – Julien


You set the conditions for success and the result was outstanding. From the start, you had the idea that you would help everyone be at their best including the audience, and in the end, that idea became a reality of enormous magnitude. It made a difference in the lives of everyone it touched! I can’t know all the details of every decision you made, every crisis you averted, every conversation that sent things on way or another – but I do know all of that was happening in the background and that’s when you find out what you are made of. Your caring was evident throughout the entire process. Thank you!  – Lynn


I hope our paths keep on crossing, as a good dose of your exuberant positive attitude is a game changer. And what a keen sense of “perfect timing” – your follow up emails exuded support, humor, and optimism. They were a perfect pick up for the next push. And your ever present encouragement to a frustrated lineup of struggling Tedx talkers helped our insecurities. Thank you for a life changing experience. Most Sincerely, Tawana


Thanks for being my wonderful “guide from the side.” You really helped me to hopefully make a difference in people’s lives. Love, Robin


To my mentor, coach and most amazing friend – thank you! – Dudley


Donna, You made me feel like the most special person in the world. Your sunny enthusiasm and encouragement was so helpful during my journey. Thank you so much for being there every step of the way. – Jamie


You are such a beautiful and rare gem. Thank you for finding the good and praising it into full bloom. Looking forward to what’s next! Your new and lasting friend. – C-Lynn