Donna Donnelly founded Life Guides, Inc. in 1995 to offer interactive, experiential trainings focused on more effective participation and retention in the learning environment.  Life Guides’ core team, Donna Donnelly and Lisa McAlpine, have partnered on corporate projects in the US and abroad for over 20 years.  Supporting members bring additional expertise to the team.

Donna Donelly

Donna’s light-hearted, novel approach to very serious topics ensures more effective participation and retention.


As author of Take This Stress and Love It, Donna is known for her signature keynote presentation Unwind Before You Unravel: Stress Reduction Using Laughter.  In addition to public speaking throughout the country, Donna is actively engaged in personal and business coaching. Donna’s latest offering Light Up Your Talk evolved from her years as a TEDx Lead Speaker Coach.

Opportunities for you:

  • Light Up Your Talk: Support for Your Speaking Success” for the professional speaker
    – offered as 3 day Speaker Immersions or 5 day Speaker Retreats
  • Expand Your Speaking Skills and Confidence” for the occasional business needs of executives, managers, team leaders, fund-raisers, public relations personnel, and other company representatives.
  • Speaker Coaching – for individuals and small groups
  • Consulting and facilitation of small business groups for enhanced participation and effective goal development
  • Design and Facilitation support for week long educator retreats focused on quality outcomes
  • Personal Coaching for reducing stress and achieving your dreams
  • Unwind Before You Unravel: Reducing Stress with Laughter” for an unforgettable keynote or conference breakout session

What you might you hear at the end of a Donna Donnelly experience:


Donna Donnelly brings a unique combination of highly energized fun and in-depth understanding of human nature to every event our agency has held for the past 8 years. From small-group facilitation to engaging large conference crowds, Donna inspires, promotes stress-busting joy, and always leaves each participant with laughter wrapped around new learning We count on her as a coach for staff, an instant co-facilitator, and a bottomless resource. Thank you, Donna, for enriching so many lives!


This training challenged me to look at who I am in a non-threatening way. I can see how who I am and what I do impacts all of us.

Donna brings great warmth and wisdom to all she does. It’s an honor to work with her.

Donna has supported my growth as a facilitator by keeping me authentic. She questions me, helps me reflect on my practices, and brings clarity to a barely formed thought. When working with a group, large or small, she captures the energy in the room, adds her own fuel and creates collective group power.

Not just another “training” – I came out inspired, motivated and ready to make a difference in my life – business and personal.

Your session was the number one rated breakout for our entire conference!

Light Up Your Talk!